Is This Weird Little Gummy The Key To 8 Hours Of Uninterrupted Sleep Every Single Night?

Our very own severely sleep-deprived 64-year old reader and subscriber shares her story of getting almost no sleep to enjoying a consistent 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night, feeling more alive than she has in years. Read her story below...

I’ll never forget how much I hated my snoring husband at that moment…

As I tried desperately to resist the urge to pinch him awake, just so he could suffer along with me.​

Another night passed while he slept like a baby…​

And I was left watching the glowing clock taunt me with every passing minute.

It’d been weeks since I had a good night’s sleep... and I felt like a corpse.​

In fact, I looked like one too.​

Dark bags were forming under my eyes, my face was flush, and life was becoming more unbearable by the day.​

Tears ran down my face as I wondered why this was happening to me.​

Sure, there had been times in my younger years where I’d go without much sleep for weeks, or even months.​

But back then it was easy.​

Now in my mid-60s, it was destroying my life and my relationship with my family.​

I was lashing out more often, getting angry over the silliest things…​

And the worst part was, I couldn’t even get the energy to spend time with my grandkids.​

The lack of sleep was killing me and nothing I tried did a damn thing to help.​

Not fancy sleeping pills, not the audiobooks or the blackout curtains…​

Or any other remedy that I tried.

The Strange And Unlikely "Sleep Gummy" That Gave Me Deep, Restful Sleep, Magical Mornings, And The Youthful Energy Of My Yester-Years.

A few weeks back I was balling my eyes out while on the phone with my friend, Gloria.​

I hadn’t seen or even spoken to her in months because of quarantine… but she seemed as joyful as ever.

When I told her about my lack of sleep, she too said she had trouble sleeping...​

Until she came across a bizarre new "sleep gummy" from a company called "PurRX"...​

That was giving her restful, deep sleep every night since.​

My first thought was, “Wow it must be nice being able to fix your sleep so easily”.​

To be honest, I was just jealous and in a bad place at the time.

She even mentioned I try it. She said it truly changed her life and she strongly believed it could, mine too.​

Of course, I didn’t believe her because NOTHING worked. I was doomed to never sleep well again.​

But she kept insisting.

After checking it out online, I remember thinking “Yeah this is way too simple to actually work for me”.​

But that’s the part that ended up surprising me the most (and I’ll get to my results in a second).

At this point, it’s obvious that I had nothing to lose.​

I was willing to do and try anything if it meant getting some actual sleep…​

And if you’re reading this right now, you probably know what I mean.​

All I wanted was to feel like myself again…​

Be able to enjoy my husband’s company (and for him to enjoy mine)…​

And spend time with my grandchildren without them looking at me like I was a zombie.​

I just wanted my life back.​

So I took a leap of faith and ordered my first bottle of CB DOZE.

It arrived super fast, within a few business days…

Putting CB DOZE To The Test (Oh Boy Was I Surprised)

CB DOZE gummy is a tasty chewable designed for safe, immediate absorption.

I opened the bottle and took one gummy immediately.​

It was only around 8 PM, but I didn’t care. 

I needed the sleep and honestly, I didn’t expect anything to happen.

The first thing I noticed was it had no "weird" taste...​

In fact, I enjoyed the taste and the fact that it was super easy to chew.

After only about 3 minutes, I was feeling a bit “different”.​

Not more tired, because that wasn’t possible.

​It was more of an urge to lay down, so I went up to my room.​

My first thought was that maybe it was a “placebo” feeling…

But nothing else I tried before gave me the same effect.​

But here’s where things become truly amazing after I laid down on my pillow...​

I don’t remember what happened next.

The next thing I could remember, I was looking at the clock and noticing the time…​

5:41 AM.

I slept for about almost TEN HOURS STRAIGHT. Not waking up even once in between.​

The best sleep I had gotten over the past couple of months had been about 5 hours, waking up three or four times in between.​

But after my first night taking this gummy, I had the most magical, refreshing night’s sleep I’ve had in years.

I wanted to cry I was so happy. It was truly a turning point in my life.​

That same day I went over to my daughter’s house and they knew right away... I was back to my old self.​

Fast forward to right now, I haven’t had a bad night’s sleep since.​

I’ve been spending more time with my grandkids…​

My husband is definitely thrilled to have his wife back…​

And above all, I feel younger and as healthy as ever.

What Makes CB DOZE Gummies So Effective?

In case you’re wondering, there are a few things about this advanced sleep technology that makes this gummy so effective and life-changing.

  • A Revolutionary “Sleep Ingredient Matrix” Of 100% Natural, Clinically-Proven Ingredients  That Creates The Perfect “Synergy” For Deep, Restful Sleep.
    • Melatonin  - A naturally occurring hormone shown to support a healthy sleep cycle.
    • Ashwagandha - Helps reduce anxiety and support deep relaxation to help you fall asleep faster.
    • L-Theanine  - An amino acid that may help lower stress levels and improve sleep quality & duration.
    • Chamomile Extract  - Induces a calming effect and helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.
    • Valerian Root  - A herbal extract that has been known to reduce anxiety and treat insomnia.

  • Slow-Release Technology  That Ensures You Don’t Just Fall Asleep, But Stay Asleep Throughout The Night.
  • An Unbelievable 65% Absorption Rate. (Most Oral Sleeping Aids Have About A 15% Absorption Rate) .
  • Natural Ingredients That Ensure CB DOZE Is Not Habit-forming  Like Many Other Sleeping Aids.
  • A 3-5 Minute Reaction Time . (Many Other Sleeping Aids Can Take Between 3-5 Hours To Fully React).
  • No Morning “Hangover” Like Many Other Sleeping Aids. Wakes You Up Feeling Refreshed  And Ready To Crush The Day.

Where Can I Buy CB DOZE Gummies?

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What does that mean for you? ​

It means you are getting the best quality product to help you sleep throughout the night... effectively, quickly, and safely... 100% guaranteed.​

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How Much Longer Will You Suffer From Sleepless Nights?

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8 Hours A Night And Changed My Life

I’m on my second week and first time in years I can lay down and go to sleep! Before these I would not sleep but a few hours if any at all. Now I’m sleeping 7-9 hours a night every night

- Keith N.

Thankful to Get A Bottle of CB DOZE Every Month

I used to sleep like a baby, but lately, I've been suffering from late-night restlessness that has stopped me from being able to sleep at all. Now I just rely on CB DOZE and I'm feeling much more energetic every day.
-Alfred M.

Sleeping like I'm In My Twenties Again
I got these for my sister who was having a terrible time sleeping. She tried every product on the market with no success. Well she couldn’t believe it, but these gummies really worked! Thank you, thank you.
-Martha M.

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